Although the term “VIP” is oftentimes overused nowadays, regular casino players usually know exactly what it means – games reserved strictly for rich people who are ready to gamble a fortune. So, most players simply learn to avoid anything labeled with the term VIP. However, at LeoVegas casino that’s no longer the case! Every player can become a VIP!


Their new promotion called LEOVEGAS VIP EXPERIENCE, is for anybody who enjoys playing at Leo’s – from the casual, recreational fans of mobile slots on through the lavish high-rollers at roulette tables.

To be included in this extra dose of excitement, all you need do is agree to receive communication from Leo, which can be done via your profile page. if you haven’t registered for an account with LeoVegas yet, simply click here.

The deal is quite simple – yet very rewarding (… and we do mean REWARDING!) Each time you place a bet with LeoVegas Casino your VIP status continues to grow. Your status is easily visible on a top bar indicator (both on desktop or mobile) and the more you play, the more progress you make toward the next VIP level.

Each month the casino will hold a Prize Draw event, at which they will be giving away attractive prizes, such as popular Apple products, exclusive VIP event experiences, personal payment and withdrawal services, etc. Naturally, if you prefer, you always have the option to receive cash.


And here comes the best part – the rewards will be awarded to players of all levels. There are 8 tiers of VIP ranks (levels 1-10, 11-20, etc.) so that means there is no minimum play requirement to be included in the draws. Each group has one winner and obviously, the higher group you qualify for by the end of each month, the higher the multiplier of the total tickets you will be awarded to take part in the prize draw.


Join LeoVegas today and begin watching your VIP level grow – one of the June rewards may soon be yours!

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