Required Bonus Turnover in Mobile Casino - Full Article

Almost all bonuses in casinos are subject to what is called the bonus turnover requirement.

The turnover requirement provides a form of securityfor the casino operator or bookmakers against’bonus hunters’– customers who open new accounts for the sole purpose of getting a free bonus then withdrawing it right away.

This type of bonus giveaway was particularly popular at the beginning of this century when the first online casinos were in fierce competition and aggressively fighting for players by offering huge cash bonuses to attract new players.

However, instead of using these bonuses to place bets, many new players would simply withdraw their cash bonus right away. Of course casinos began suffering big losses and so began introducing limits and restrictions on free bonuses, of which the most fundamental one is called the turnoverrequirement.

How does it work?

The required bonus turnover is the multiple of the amount of the free bonusthat you must first wager in the casino to “unlock” the bonus, and have the ability to transfer the money to your account or credit card. How does this work in practice?

Let’s start with the bonus:

If you have an offer of a “100% bonus up to €200”, this means that you will get double the money that you deposit, up to, but not more than €200. Therefore, if you deposit €10 in the casino account you will receive an additional 100% free, so in total, you will have €20to bet. If you deposit €75, you will have €150 to bet with However, on a 100% bonus up to €200, if you deposit €500, you will only receive the maximum  of €200 extra so a total of €700 to play with. It’s pretty simple.

Then comes the “required turnover”

Usually, you will find information about this requirement at either the end of the text promoting the bonus or on a separate page with the promotion terms and conditions. Be sure you read them, so you understand clearly. But to help you out, remember that only promotes fair, reliable casinos that always clearly inform players about the conditions of withdrawing bonuses.

Let’s suppose that the required turnover is “25 times the total deposit and bonus”. In such a case, if you deposit €100 and get a €100 bonus for free, the total is €200 so the total turnover is €5,000 (25 x 200). Therefore, win or lose, you have to bet a total of €5,000 before you can make a withdrawal.

Sounds like a lot of playing? Unless you are an extra lucky person, it is. However, unfortunately, that’s not the end of your troubles with withdrawing bonuses!

Required turnover, required games, required limits…

Over time, casinos noticed that ‘professional bonus hunters’ only bet on table games that minimised their chances of losing, while at the same time maximized the sum of the turnover -For example, by betting on both red and black in roulette, the player only risks losing the bet if they land on zero.

Therefore, most casinos restricted using the bonus to achieve the required turnover for some of their games.  In other cases, the percentage value of certain games has been reduced. You may find in the terms and conditions that “bets in ……(game) count as 10% of the starting bet level in relation to the turnover of the bonus”. That means at 10%, if you wager €100 in one bet, the required turnover for that specific game only counts for €10 of the €100 bet.

Bookmakers, for which bonuses are also a very popular item to draw new customers have instituted similar restrictions. For example, bookmakers often impose a minimum bet level on players for playing particular matches, or they may count the required turnover only for odds higher than a certain limit (e.g. only events at odds greater than 6 to 1).

MCR_Required Bonus Turnover_MoneyTrapBonuses – help or a trap?

If you are a clever player – and since you are taking the time to read this article, we assume you most likely are – you may think that a free bonus is nothing more than a trap set to attract you. You pay, you get something extra, but except for a miracle, there’s no way you can actually withdraw it. You figure you will have to play, play, play then by the time you have made the required turnover (if that ever happens) you will lose everything and there is nothing left to withdraw.

Does that mean that bonuses are a scam? Well, yes and no. You cannot blame casinos for being careful about giving out free cash bonuses, however the conditions for their withdrawal can be almost unrealistic. The reason can be traced back to the many cases of abuse committed by players, especially those from poorer countries, who often created accounts for their whole family and used what were formerly very simple rules to gain free bonuses. Therefore, even today in some casino’s terms and conditions, you may still find that players from certain countries are not entitled to receive bonuses.

On the other hand, there are many players who do not mind taking a shot at doubling or tripling their deposit. Such players, despite being fully aware of the risk of losing the money they deposit, they play games with lower chances of winning, but with higher possible pots. For example, slot machines are often used by  players who hunt for jackpots. To even start thinking of hitting a sizeable jackpot, according to the odds, you must play often and at the highest stakes, so that the bonus increases your initial capital, thereby allowing you to play for big winnings. Such more daring players are not worried about how to withdraw their money but remain focused on using the extra money from their bonuses to win big prizes. It happens every night in online casinos that players turn a hundred euros or pounds into a few thousand –  they can then completely forget about the second €100 of the bonus – if it doesn’t count in the required turnover then it will disappear. But is that a problem…?

Unwanted bonus – what to do?

What should players do if they are not convinced forced bonuses are a good idea and feel there will be no chance to withdraw them?

  • First, all good online casinos, such as those we recommended here at Mobile-Casino-Review, let the players decide whether they will accept the bonus or not.  If you are making a deposit for the first time, you can simply not accept the bonusand play using only your own money, without having to face all the penalties and rigamarole of withdrawing winnings.
  • Second, some casinos do not offer bonuses at all, or if they do, they are  only activated after you enter a bonus code, therefore you can decide yourself whether you want to release the bonus or not.
  • Third, if your favourite online casino does not offer the possibility to reject bonuses (especially welcome bonuses), then you can simply pay the minimum deposit required (usually €5-10), accept the bonus, play a little to warm up, and then make a normal deposit in the amount you had originally planned for serious betting (e.g. €100 or €200). Because this will be your second instead of first deposit, no bonus will be credited to you and you can play using your own money without any worries.

Bonuses in online casinos – summary

Bonuses are an interesting offer which of course for most, increases the attractiveness of the many casinos available on your mobile device. Unfortunately, like most free things in life there is a catch and to actually be able to eventually withdraw the free bonus money you have to play a lot (and naturally risk much more as well). You know enough now to decide for yourself. If you feel it is worth the risk, then take advantage of the bonus offer and try multiplying the money. On the other hand, if you don’t like all the strings attached to bonuses and prefer to play using strictly your own money which you can withdraw quickly, then make a very small first deposit or reject any unwanted bonuses.

In any case, ALWAYS carefully read the TERMS AND CONDITIONSof each promotion and the rules regarding bonuses and prizes in the casino you want to play at. Every reputable mobile casino always provides a link to these rules along with a description of the promotion, so it is not some secret weapon, just an offer with explicit and understandable terms.