All online casino players love free spins. With free spins you can win real money without paying a thing.

What are free spins?

Free spins are special bonus rounds on slot machines which you do not have to pay for. You are awarded a certain amount of real money to play with and get to keep whatever you win.

Free spins, similar to regular paid spins on any slot machine, have a certain value. When betting with your own money, you determine how much one spin will cost. Free spins can be less or more than you usually bet. The amount depends on the casino and the type of promotion they have. However, free spins offered by online casinos usually are quite low bids. But, who can complain –  you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

Where do free spins come from?

Free spins are a gift from the casino which you can receive on different occasions. To start, most casinos offer a welcome bonus after new players register and open an online casino account – this often also includes a certain number of free spins. Next, free spins can be a prize offered in a promotion or competition organised by the casino. Sometimes the main prize will be free spins and other times an additional bonus to the main prize money. Third – free spins may be offered from a casino as a gift, just as an incentive to encourage you to continue playing when you have not visited their site for a long time.

Certain slot machines also give free spins as a prize and in such cases the free spins appear as an added bonus game that is awarded as part of the machine’s algorithm and is not a casino promotion. The value of each free round is the same as your last paid bet – for example, if you are playing Mega Fortune for €1 per spin and you get 10 free spins, then each of them will have a bet level of €1for a total of €10 – and best of all at the machine’s expense. Whatever winnings you may gain from such free spin plays are immediately credited to your current casino account balance just like a regular win.

Going back to the free spins from casino promotions rather than those from the slot machine itself – what happens to the winnings?

Wagering requirements

If you have received or won a certain number of free spins from the casino. You can use them either at one particular slot machine or on any machine from the same slot machine provider. Let’s say you received 50 free spins and played 50 times for free and won for example €20 in the free rounds. You are bound to win something because slots are set so that is mathematically impossible to not get any winning lines in 50 rounds. And best of all nothing disappears from your account – after all, it’s all free spins from free money!

Any winnings earned during free spins are usually treated as a bonus by the casino. Like the cash start bonus casinos offer, before you can withdraw your money, you have to first bet any money won by the free spins a certain number of times. The conditions for the withdrawal of bonus funds vary from casino to casino and usually require for the winnings to be wagered anywhere from twice the amount on up to 45 times the amount. In other words, if during your free spins you have won €20 and the conditions for withdrawing the bonus require a 10-fold wager, then in order to be able to withdraw any money you might win, you must place enough bets to amount to at least €200.

Of course, you do not have to have to make a total of €200 to make a withdrawal. It’s all about the total sum of all bets placed, and it doesn’t matter whether they were winning bets or losing bets they all are included in the total. For example, win or lose, you could bet €2 one hundred times and then withdraw whatever bonus money that remains because you reached the full amount.

Free spins and regulations

As with all bonuses and promotions casinos offer for free it is important to be familiar with all the rules surrounding free games. All you  have to do is read the terms and conditions. It may turn out that it’s just not going to be worth the cost. You may ask, what cost if it’s free? Sometimes, especially in new and little-known casinos, you can receive many free spins as an incentive. However, to withdraw the winnings from these spins, you will have to wager them at least 45 times and only using your “real” money. So, in these cases what happens is, you will end up paying more than you earned and instead of free spins you will be stuck with having to pay for a much higher number of non-free spins.

Of course, fortunately these situations are relatively rare, but nevertheless, it is good to be aware it can happen and stay alert. – As any savvy businessman will tell you – always read the fine print!

Best of all, free spins are usually just great fun and can result in big winnings. The most interesting or rather exciting option for any player are free spins on jackpot machines. With a bit of good luck, it is possible to make a small fortune at the casino’s expense and then there is no problem meeting the minimum wagering requirement or withdrawing your winnings.

Good luck!